about the binder|cultivator Bianca Maria:


Bianca Maria is a writer and maker whose goal is to constantly influence others to seek their truth(s).

In her practice as a bookbinder she combines (stillness) meditation|wellness|self-care practices and (flow) bookmaking|repetitive+intentional movements.

She currently resides in Chicago.


“Hide: A redress of Lonely”
Multimedia Performance by Bianca Maria and Tezeru Teshome
July 29th 2018 at PAM Residences Los Angeles

Hide: A Redress of Lonely is an interdisciplinary reflection on the femme search for intimacy in romantic, platonic, and intrapersonal relationships. Connecting a decade’s worth of personal letters, poetry, and journal reflections, artists Bianca Maria and Tezeru Teshome curate a site-specific, immersive, and interactive experience embodied/enacted through animated photography, performance-movement, and installation-work. Hide: A Redress of Lonely is an insatiable resolve that is both cowardice and brave, reflective and deliberate.

BSWP flyer

“Black Suffering|White Pleasure”
PAM Residents Tezeru Teshome and Bianca Maria

Internationally screened experimental-short film, “black suffering / white pleasure” scandalizes the meaning of subjectivity through exploring how race obscures logic. Unscripted dialogue and original song with improvised choreography and movement that border coercion and grace, consent and desire, and painful breaths of laughter, reveal how the Black repeatedly exists between space, time, and meaning as human-citizen and slave; marking it as threatening as it is vulnerable, crucial as it is evasive.